Since its inception, Neworld Travel has experienced a dramatic growth and become a prestigious agency providing travel services to the majority of travellers in two big cities Hanoi and Hochiminh.

Neworld Travel offers an ideal alternative for travelers who are flexible with their travel dates and are looking for the best overall travel pack. We work with our partners to offer you with the best travel deals to worldwide destinations.

Our reservation system helps you to quickly buy plane tickets, in a safe and well organized manner. You just need to fill in your travel dates, compare and book flights directly on our website.

Neworld Travel with flexible search engine can help you immediately find the most suitable flight. If your schedule hasn’t been fixed, the site also offer +/- 3 days choice along with the functionality to search for best prices in a month, which advise you of future flight fares, there you can start planning your trip today!

Neworld Travel provides smarter and safer payment gateways, even including more options of payment such as bank transfer, ATM transfer or cash.


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