Vietnam visa extension service

During their stay in Vietnam of foreign visitors to extend their stay can go to the Immigration office under the provincial police or the Immigration to apply for visa extension. However, the visa extension should be held companies or individuals in Vietnam, the guarantees, the new extension is made. New level 1 month Vietnam visa, Vietnam visa new level every 3 months or as many times as needed to stay in Vietnam.

Our company is pleased to introduce you to stay Extension Service - New Level, revised Visa (Visa) for Foreign Vietnam with the following specific cases:

1.Temporary Resident Visa Extension Tourism DL - 1 month 3 months
2. Extension of temporary residence Visa Commercial: DL - 3 months
3. New Class Travel Visa: DL - 1 months 1 time, 1 month multiple times
4. New Visa Commercial Level DL - 3 month 1 time, 3 months multiple times
5. New Visa Level conversion from DL


+/ Settlement extended to all immigration cases all over the country.
+/ Settlement extended to handle cases stayed too long.

With the reputation and many years of experience Neworld Travel would bring customers service visa extension criteria: Simple procedure - Prestige - Punctuality - Reasonable price .

Extension of visa, new visa from the original grant different visa:
1. Visa type DL granted at the Embassy of Vietnam or international border gate:
+ / Extension of stay 1 month from the date of expiration, guests staying 1 month
+ / New Level 3 month visa expiration of time, guests stay 3 months
+ / New Level 3 months multiple, guests exit and entry by visas granted.
2. Visa type DN granted at the Embassy of Vietnam or international border gate:
+ / Extension of stay 3 months from the expiry date
+ / New Level 3 months multiple visa extended stay of 3 months

Procedures original passport just after 8 working days have visa
You get back in touch with our company for consultation and detailed quotation for each specific case.

The other case would not be on here please contact with our company for advice, quotations and making support.

In addition, our company received renewed visa, Vietnam visa granted to new customers in a long, extended visitors visa in the province. Renew Vietnam visa, Vietnam visa granted for the new Korean visa extension for China visa extension for Taiwan, the new extension granted Vietnam visa for all nationalities.


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